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Welcome to the Washington State Progressive Caucus!

Conservatives hold majorities in the U.S. Congress and in the WA State Senate, yet there has never been a better time for progressives to make our voices heard. The slide into economic and political oligarchy provides no benefits to working people, and when they look for alternatives, we must sieze the opportunity to show them how a progressive economic agenda will create jobs, raise wages, protect the environment and provide health care for all. Candidates who support such an agenda will earn support and votes from a populace disillusioned by income inequality and tired of playing a game that is rigged by powerful interests against the rest of us.

We hope you find this website informative and that you will consider joining the Washington State Progressive Caucus.

Healthcare is a Human Right!

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, Rep. John Conyers, (D-MI), reintroduced H.R. 676 with 44 co-sponsors. We know it as Improved and Expanded Medicare for All for Life. The official purpose of the legislation is: "To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, improved health care delivery, and for other purposes."

The Washington State Progressive Caucus, along with Progressive Democrats of America, are telling our Representatives to cosponsor H.R. 676.
Contact your Representative now using our action alert. The system will help you thank your Congressperson for cosponsoring H.R. 676 or urge them to cosponsor if they haven't. It will even help you send a special message to previous cosponsors who haven't yet signed on in the new Congress.

44 cosponsors is a great start, but it isn't enough, and it does not reflect the strength of the single-payer movement among the general population. Recent survey results show
majority support for single-payer.

So, if more than 50 percent of likely voters support single-payer, why aren't we further along with Congressional support? The reality is that we haven't yet become as loud as the opposing voices that work on and contribute to our elected officials. We must turn up the volume and make clear the demand!

We demand that our Congress members represent us by signing on to H.R. 676. Contact your Representative now using this PDA action alert, and urge him or her to cosponsor H.R. 676!

Next week on our Healthcare is a Human Right issue organizing team conference call, we'll be talking about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Medicare program. Right now, we need to turn up the volume and let it be known that we will not wait another 50 years for the humanity and justice that is so critically needed in our healthcare system.

Our mission is very clear and the path is direct. Let's get on the phone, write emails, and make visits to district offices and get our Congress members to stand in support of H.R. 676.
Contact your Representative now using the PDA action alert.

Stop Secret Trade Deals

In his State of the Union speech last month, President Obama doubled down on the failed trade polices of the past, asking Congress for fast-track authority to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Trade deals like the TPP (aka "NAFTA on steroids") are known to hurt workers and our environment. Jobs would be sent overseas, more unsafe food would be imported and fracking would be promoted. And most troubling of all? Corporations could sue local governments for putting regulations in place that hurt their profits — and not even within our own court system. Secretive international trade tribunals could dictate whether or not we can ban fracking or label GMOs in our own communities.

If you agree that the TPP is as terrible as it sounds, we need your help to make sure it doesn't move any further. Help stop fast track approval today by telling your members of Congress that you don't want any secret trade deals.

This secret trade deal has been negotiated by some of the world's richest corporations, behind closed doors. The first step to stop the TPP is to kill the Fast Track bill that would speed up the process and limit the public even further from having a say in whether or not the U.S. enters into this bad, pro-corporate trade agreement.

Even though we're up against powerful corporate interests in the fight against the TPP, we have a strategy to win. We defeated attempts to fast track the TPP last year, and we'll do it again with your help. Every single member of Congress needs to hear from their constituents on this.

The actions we take individually add up to a powerful movement when we all act together.