2015 Candidate Questionnaire for Eric LaBrant

(Endorsed 7.11.2015)

Name: Eric LaBrant.
Office Sought: Port of Vancouver Commissioner

Stances that support progressive values

Currently, our Port has been involved in an unfolding proposal to build the largest oil-by-rail terminal in the United States in Vancouver, WA. It would be located in the heart of the second-poorest zip code in the region.



I’ve chaired the Fruit Valley Neighborhood Association, which includes most of the Port’s footprint, for over 4 years. We advocate for residents who want a tight-knit community in spite of economic pressures. Empowering residents to take an active role in the community not only makes our neighborhood one of the lowest-crime neighborhoods in Vancouver, it also breaks down the programmatic mindset that disempowers people who have received government assistance long-term.

Additionally, I’ve volunteered at Stone Soup Community Meal, at which a friend of mine caters a meal in downtown Vancouver that serves high-quality food for homeless and non-homeless members of the community. The goal is to facilitate conversations and erode the perception of “us vs. them.”

There are those in Vancouver who are in favor of building an oil terminal, and there are those who are opposed to the Stone Soup Community Meal, but these are important social and environmental justice issues for me.

Issues to be pursued in office While in office, I intend to promote transparency by reducing the use of executive session. I also intend to build an economically strong Port, which will make extractive fossil fuel exports less attractive as prospective tenants. And, I hope to resume the Port’s former tradition of using its size and capacity to rehabilitate brownfield sites.

How campaign will further progressive values The campaign is already furthering progressive values by highlighting the business case for strengthening unions, protecting our environment, and being responsible stewards of publicly-owned property.

Additional Information

I’ve been endorsed by the Young Democrats of Clark County and Vancouver Rising Tide, and am on the Progressive Majority Farm Team. I’ve applied for endorsement from Planned Parenthood and several local unions. I’ve got children, and feel that promoting progressive values and volunteering in the community is the best way to give them a great community to live in as adults. Our Primary is August 4th, which is why I’m asking for endorsement ahead of the upcoming new questionnaire process.

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