Resolution: More Democratic Debates for Democratic Victory in 2016

WHEREAS the Republican Party has already held two Presidential debates, will hold a third before the initial Democratic Presidential Debate on October 13, and plans at least 12 debateswith our party planning only 6;
WHEREAS the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has instituted a policy to preclude Democratic candidates from participating in “unauthorized” debates;

WHEREAS the Fox News Republican debate attracted 24 million viewers, setting a ratings record and dominating political discussion for days afterward;

WHEREAS the message of the Republican debates is one of lies, distortions, and racist hate, and silence in the face of this is NOT an honorable option;

WHEREAS there is a stark contrast in the messages of the two parties in this crucial presidential election with the Republicans maligning our President’s record of achievement; denigrating and attacking the rights of women, immigrant families, and working families in general; doubling down on the failed economic paradigm of trickle down; proposing cuts to Social Security and health care; belittling teachers; and continuing to malign collective bargaining rights;

WHEREAS the disproportionate number of debates allows the Republican backward message to spread, while our candidates’ proposals to increase wages and household incomes, to expand opportunity so our economy works for all Americans, to bring justice to the way our society treats all its members, as well as the rest of our party’s forward thinking vision remains on the back burner;

WHEREAS the successful Democratic campaign for the presidency in 2008 was preceded by 26 debates among Democratic candidates;

WHEREAS the DNC purports to be democratically run with representation from the state parties;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Washington State Progressive Caucus, express our strong opinion that additional debates MUST be scheduled and that there be no policy discouraging a Democratic candidate from entering into debate with anyone at any time, at any place. We request that our chair and all our other representatives on the Democratic National Committee, communicate this opinion of our body as soon as possible and by all means at their disposal;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Washington State Progressive Caucus invites the Democratic candidates to come to our state and debate and offers our full cooperation to that end.

Adopted at the September 19, 2015 meeting of the WSPC in Wenatchee

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