2018 Endorsements

The following 2018 candidates received the Washington State Progressive Caucus’ Endorsement.

  • Dorothy Gasque, Congress, House of Representatives, WA-03.
  • Tyler Vega, Congress, House of Representatives, WA-06.
  • Sarah Smith, Congress, House of Representatives, WA-09.
  • Tamborine Borrelli, Congress, House of Representatives, WA-10.
  • Steve Gonzalez, Washington Supreme Court Justice Pos. 8.
  • Anneliese Feld, State Representative, 2nd LD Pos. 1.
  • Jessa Lewis, State Senator, 6nd LD
  • Shir Regev, State Representative, 9th LD Pos. 1.
  • Erin Frasier, State Representative, 10th LD Pos 1.
  • Kathy Gillespie, State Representative, 18th LD Pos. 2.
  • A.J. Cooper, State Representative, 15th LD Pos 2.
  • Maralyn Chase, State Senator, 32nd LD.
  • Christopher Roberts, State Representative, 32nd LD Pos. 2.
  • Joe Nguyen, State Senator, 34th LD.
  • Irene Bowling, State Senator, 35th LD.
  • David Daggett, State Representative, 35th LD Pos. 2.
  • Ivan Lewis, State Representative, 39th LD Pos. 1.
  • Samuel Tye Menser, Thurston County Commissioner, District #3.
  • Ryan McAllister, Jefferson County Commissioner, District #3.
  • Susan Soto Palmer, Yakima County Commissioner, District #3.
  • Ben Stuckart, Mayor, City of Spokane.
  • Eric Holt, Clark County Council Chair.
  • Victor Minjares, Thurston County Prosecutor
  • Daron Morris, King County Prosecutor.
  • Mary Hall, Thurston County Auditor.

The following 2018 Initiative has received the Washington State Progressive Causus’ Endorsement.

  • Initiative 1639, Washington Background Checks, Waiting Periods, Age Requirements and Storage Requirements for Firearms Initiative.

You may learn about the WSPC Endorsements process by visiting our Endorsements Policy and timeline page.

Candidate Questionnaires

2018 Questionnaires

Please support these candidates with your time and treasure. Phone calls, door belling, and help as requested on the candidate’s website are requested from our membership and friends.