2023 WSPC Proposed Reorganization Agenda

2023 WSPC Re-Organization
January 24th, 2023

Call to Order, 7PM

Welcome from outgoing Chair, Jessica Soderman

Adoption of the Agenda

Appointment of Temporary Chair
Appointment of Temporary Secretary
Appointment of Tally Committee

Adoption of the Meeting Rules for Reorganization
Approval of our October 24th General Meeting minutes


Election of the 2023-2024 Chair

  • Election of Western Washington Vice Chair
  • Election of Eastern Washington Vice Chair
  • Election of Secretary
  • Election of Treasurer
  • Public Relations & Social Media (At-Large)
  • IT/Tech (At-Large)
  • Membership & Outreach (At-Large)
  • Fundraising & Events (At-Large)

Rail Can’t Wait Resolution

Guest Speakers

Good of the Order