2023 WSPC Proposed Reorganization Meeting Rules

Because the in-person election of officers cannot be held due to a public emergency or natural disaster which makes the holding of an in-person election unlawful or impossible as determined by the WSDCC and the Washington State Progressive Caucus (WSPC), the following rules shall govern all business to be conducted at the WSPC’s’ bi-annual reorganization meeting in January 2023.

Section 1. 

Virtual Meeting Rules

The following rules will apply to enable an orderly virtual meeting that generally follows the procedures used in the organization’s live meetings and is consistent with Robert’s Rules of Order.

1.1 Register in Advance: Participants must register in advance using the link provided via email. If you did not receive email notification for the reorganization meeting, please email contact@waprogressives.org

  • All attendees should register no later than Noon on January 24.

1.2 Connect to Meeting 

  • Use the link or meeting ID provided via email to sign into the meeting. Please join at least 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled, so we can address any technical issues before the meeting is called to order.
  • If at all possible, please connect via the Zoom app, ideally via the computer app which has the fullest feature set. The app will also allow you to use the Chat function. Please download and install the Zoom app before joining the meeting.
  • If you are only able to dial in to the meeting (cannot use the app), you will still have an opportunity to participate, to object to motions for unanimous consent,and to vote during the meeting. Note: The following commands can be used to participate in the Zoom meeting via a phone:
    • *6 – Toggle mute/un-mute
    • *9 – Raise Hand

1.3 Sign In

  • When joining the meeting through the Zoom app, please make sure that the name entered accurately reflect(s) the member(s) participating in the meeting.
  • If you dial into the meeting from your phone, please call in at least 10 minutes prior to the meeting start time and declare your name. The meeting administrator will update your call-in information so that your name (not phone number) appears to those using the app.

1.4 Participating in the Meeting

  • Participants should remain off video and muted throughout the proceedings unless un-muted and granted the floor by the chair or the chair’s designee. 
  • To make a request or motion that does not require having the floor (i.e., where interrupting the speaker is permitted), type the action in the chat window, e.g., ‘Point of Order,’ ‘Point of Information.’ Moderators will monitor chat, and a single moderator will be authorized to interrupt the speaker to raise an inquiry or motion. The chair may invite the person to speak.
  • To speak on the floor or to make a motion: type : “hand – motion” or use the raise hand function in Zoom. We will do our absolute best to address in the order that hands are raised.
  • When the chair recognizes a motion, the chair will then request a second. To second a motion, type ‘Second’ in chat.

1.5 Additional Chat Etiquette

  • Use the chat for official meeting business only.
  • Note: Side commentary on the content of the meeting is not permitted in chat.
    • Note: Posing questions or providing answers to questions is not permitted in chat except during a designated Q&A period.
    • Note: The chat will be exported and saved as part of the meeting record, including private chats with hosts and between members.
  • For technical issues, type a message in chat that begins with the word ‘Tech’; e.g. ‘Tech. I can’t hear the speaker.’

Section 2. Temporary Meeting Chair

The meeting will be called to order by a Temporary Meeting Chair, who shall be designated by the WSPC Chair. The Temporary Meeting Chair shall appoint a Temporary Secretary, and Tally Chair/Committee for the meeting. These officers shall serve until the incoming District Chair appoints permanent officers, or for the remainder of the meeting at the incoming District Chair’s discretion. The Temporary Meeting Chair shall serve until the election of the District Chair.

Section 3. Nominations & Speeches

3.1 Nominations

Candidates for the Executive Board, with roles as described on the organization’s website, may be nominated from the floor.

3.2 Same Candidate Nominated for Multiple Positions

A candidate may be nominated for more than one office, but may only be elected to one Executive Board Role. 

3.3 Candidate Speeches
Each candidate in a contested race may address the meeting for up to two (2) minutes to campaign for the position being sought. (At the meeting chair’s discretion and technology permitting, candidate speeches for the next election may begin while votes are being collected and/or tallied for the current election.) Speeches will be in the order in which the candidates were nominated. Candidates may yield all or part of their time to other speakers, including virtual guests. A speech that is solely against the election of another candidate is out of order.

Section 4. Elections

4.1 Eligible Electors.

  • Members in good standing as of December 25, 2022 are eligible to vote at the reorganization meeting for all positions up for election.

4.2 Voting – Voting in uncontested races, or on questions other than elections (e.g. to approve the agenda), may be by unanimous consent or via chat voting. Voting in contested races shall be via website voting as described below.

  • For voting via chat, type only a single word (aye, nay, or abstain) as your vote.If more than one member is participating in the meeting through a single Zoom connection, those members should enter one vote in chat for each member using the Zoom connection, prefacing each vote with the name of the member making that vote.
  • For voting via the web, eligible voters will vote using the unique voting links sent by email. Each vote will be accepted only upon the conclusion of all speeches for the relevant position. The chair will specify the time for voting, and will call 2-minute and 1-minute warnings before closing website voting.
  • The vote administrator will extract and tabulate the votes. The Tally Committee will review the votes and report them to the chair or the chair’s designee for announcement to the meeting.

4.3 Simple Majority Required – A candidate must receive a simple majority to win an election. If no candidate receives a simple majority and no candidate voluntarily withdraws, then subsequent round(s)of voting shall be held until a candidate receives a simple majority of the votes.

4.4 Gender Rules – Elections will be ordered and organized to ensure that roles with gender requirements are elected in accordance with the gender rules that apply. Our gender rules state that the Executive Board should not contain more than 5 members of the same gender.