About Us

In July of 2015 the Washington State Progressive Caucus proudly endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President. He brought attention to economic inequality and powerfully inserted progressive language and policies into the Democratic landscape resulting in the most progressive platform in the history of the party.

Now, nearly two years later, we can look back on Bernie’s campaign and see the many ways in which we continue to succeed in the political revolution that he so often spoke of. He brought hundreds of thousands of progressive thinkers into the Democratic Party and inspired countless Americans to stand up and work together.

We can continue to build on that success by demonstrating progressive leadership and supporting progressive candidates.

We must continue to move toward a society that cares properly for people and the planet. We want government to limit the power of corporations by fairly taxing profits and requiring them to pay their fair share of public infrastructure maintenance. We want all workers to be paid a living wage in safe conditions while being treated with dignity and respect. We believe that all members of our great nation deserve equal and fair access to both education and the ballot box. And we believe in health care for all.

To achieve this vision, we must support and elect progressive leaders to office at every level and we’re here to help in many ways. We can inform you about what positions are up for election in your area, offer guidance on running a campaign and help you determine if running for a given race is right for you.

There are many ways in which you can help us! Volunteer, become a member, donate, phonebank, canvass and spread the word. The Progressive Caucus aims to make greater gains this year than ever before and we hope you’ll join us.