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As the largest constituency caucus in the Washington State Democratic Party, we represent a diverse group of hundreds of people who share a common goal of advancing progressive issues, values and candidates. Together, our collective voice can influence both the Democratic Party as well as local, state and federal legislation through action, education, community building and endorsements. 

There are several ways to get involved with the Progressive Caucus. All around the state people are joining us and volunteering. You can represent your local county or LD in one of our advisory councils, for up to date information you can join our facebook pages which are organized by Congressional district, and you can become a dues paying member for only $20 per year which will give you the power of the vote, collectively used to push our shared progressive values. 

We look forward to hearing from and working with you.


Recently, the Chair of the Washington State Progressive Caucus stepped down. As such, the elected board members swiftly voted to elect Judith Shattuck as temporary Chair. (Read Judith's welcome letter here.)

Judith, a longtime member of the Progressive Caucus is the At-Large board member for Fundraising and Events, brings leadership and knowledge along with a fierce spirit to help guide us through this transition.

We will hold an election for the new caucus Chair in September and official announcements will be made accordingly.

In accordance with the bylaws, Judith will also appoint a temporary At-Large member to fill her position in Fundraising and Events.

We appreciate your patience as we thoughtfully navigate our caucus through this shift in leadership.

Warmly yours,
Cedar Kennedy & Eric K Holt, Vice Chairs,
Martha Koester, Secretary
Justin Baird, Treasurer
Jennifer Ferguson, Membership
Mathew Woodward, Technology
Jean Thomas, Training