The Washington State Progressive Caucus began in 2005 with the gathering of progressive citizens who created the following statement of purpose. We believe that the power to govern resides with the people as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Therefore, we pledge to encourage greater participation by the residents of Washington State in the political process. We further pledge to educate the residents of this State about progressive positions on issues that are vital to the people, and to promote unity within the Washington State Democratic Party.

The primary purpose of our website is to provide a better forum for Progressives to discuss progressive issues. In the past, our web presence was limited to a seldom used Wordpress Blog. We have recently rebuilt the website in order to provide progressives with a more interactive resource. Our goal is to offer Washington State Progressives more of a voice. We have therefore added a Forum where Progressives can discuss progressive solutions to important issues such as Rebuilding our Economy, Protecting Social Security, Expanding Medicare to All, Providing Education, Restoring Peace and Protecting our Environment.

The intention of our new forum is to enable any member of the progressive caucus to post questions and comments to this publicly viewable forum in a simple and very user friendly manner.

We also want to provide a resource for expanding the Progressive Movement in Washington State. We therefore are offering to help any Progressive group build their own website similar to this one – complete with training and at no cost. The format we are using requires no knowledge of computer programming. You we will be able to create a website similar to this one with just a few clicks of a button. We want to empower you so that you so that you can create your own web pages and post your own articles and build your own progressive organization with links back to the Progressive Caucus website.

Help us build the Progressive Caucus in Washington State from the ground up. Just email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a meeting.