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Bylawsof the Washington State Progressive Caucus
Approved 01/27/08

Article I Name
The name of this organization shall be the Washington State Progressive Caucus (WSPC).

Article II Purpose anObjective
We believe that the power to govern resides with the people aexpressed in the Declaration of Independencand the Constitution of the United States. Therefore, we pledge to encourage greater participation bthe residents of Washington State in the political process. We further pledge to educate the residents of this State about progressive positions on issues that are vital to the people, and to promote unity within the Washington State Democratic Party. 

Article III Membership and Dues
Section 1: General Membership
Any individual who is a Washington State registered voter and is committed to promoting progressive ideals within the Democratic Party is eligible for membership.

ection 2: Membership Term

The term of membership shall be twelve (12) months extending from the quarterly meeting each January through the next January quarterly meeting, regardless of which month during that calendar year the individual paid his/her membership dues.

Section 3: Membership Dues
Membership dues may be set by the membership at the reorganization meeting. Individuals that become members during the year shall pay annual prorated dues beginning with the quarter in which they become members through the end of the membership year. Individuals experiencing economic hardship shall pay dues in an amount they are able to afford.

Section 4: Membership Meetings
Membership meetings shall be held in conjunction with each Washington State Democratic Central Committee meeting. A quorum shall consist of no less than ten (10) members. Other meetings which shall provide for participation by electronic means may be called by the chair or by request of any five members upon ten days notice. All members shall be notified by email or telephone.

Section 5: Voting
A. Only current members in good standing of the Caucus shall be entitled to cast a vote or present a proxy from another member at membership meetings.
B. Voting by proxy shall only be allowed for votes cast on specifically referenced agenda items excluding reorganizations and elections.
C. Only one proxy shall be allowed to be carried by any member.
D. An individual must be a member in good standing for 30 days beforbeing permitted to cast a vote or present a proxy.
E. Any matters that are submitted for a vote shall be decided by a majority vote, which is 50% plus one of all members present during the meeting unless otherwise specified. 

Article IV Officers
Section 1: Members shall elect:
a Chair, a Western Washington Vice-Chair, an Eastern Washington Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and four (4) at-large Executive Board Members. This group shall comprise the WSPC Executive Board.

Section 2: Elections of Officers and Term of Office
A. All reasonable efforts shall be taken to ensure that no more than five (5) board members shall be of the same gender. Diversity and statewide representation shall also be goals.
B. Nominations and election of Officers and Executive Board Members shall be at the Reorganizational Meeting of the Washington State Democratic Party Central Committee. Those elected shall serve for two (2) consecutive years. Elections shall be by secret ballot. Terms shall begin at the end of the meeting at which they are elected.
C. No member of the Executive Board shall hold more than one office at a time.
D. The Chair may make an interim appointment to fill a vacancy on the Executive Board, or may call for an election at the next meeting to be conducted at the following meeting.

Section 3: Duties of Officers and the Executive Board
A. Chair
(1) The Chair shall convene and conduct all meetings of the WSPC.
(2) The Chair is charged with the responsibility of implementing all policies of the organization. The Chair is responsible for directing the organization in a manner consistent with the purpose of the WSPC as set forth in these By-Laws.
(3) The Chair shall draft and present the agenda for each Membership meeting to the Executive Board for approval no less than 14 days prior to the meeting.
(4) Ad hoc and special committees may be appointed by the Chair with the approval of a majority of the Executive Board. The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
(5) The Chair may appoint a Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms or other officials as deemed necessary at meetings.
(6) The Chair shall be the authorized spokesperson for the WSPC and may compose and/or authorize press releases.
(7) The Chair shall authorize and approve expenditures within the approved budget limits for purposes consistent with the responsibilities of the Chair.

B. Vice Chairs
(1) The ranking Vice Chair shall be the Vice Chair of the region in which the meeting is being held.
(2) In the absence of the Chair, the ranking Vice Chair shall assume all duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Chair.
(3) The Vice Chairs shall perform anand all duties in furtherancof the purpose of this Caucus as directed by the Chair.

C. Secretary
(1) The Secretary shall take notes at meetingand shall provide written minutes for corrections and/or additions bfourteen (14) dayafter the meeting at which they were taken. After all corrections/changes are made, they will be presented for final approvaat the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.
(2) The Secretary shall keeand maintain all records, including correspondence, reports, press releaseand publications. These records will be made available to the membership upon request.

D. Treasurer
(1) The Treasurer is responsible for managinWSPC funds.
(2) The Treasurer shall prepare a quarterly Financial Report on all finances of the WSPC to be presented to the Membership at the regularly scheduled meetings.
(3) The Treasurer shall receive funds and disburse properlauthorized expenditures for the organization as required.
(4) The Treasurer shall prepare and file all Public Disclosure Commission Reports and other financial reports, as required blaw.

Section 4: Officer Absenteeism
A. A WSPC Officer or Executive Member may be removed from Office for missing three consecutive Membership meetings.

Article V Amendments to the By-Laws
Section 1: Amendments, Changes and Conflicts
A. Amendments to the By-Laws require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members at the meeting.
B. Proposed changes to the By-Laws must be presented to the membership at a quarterl
meeting. They will be on the agenda for discussion and voting at the following quarterly meeting.

C. The By-Laws shall not conflict with the Washington State DemocratiParty Charter.

Article VI Parliamentary Authority
Section 1: Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the meetings of the WSPC in all cases applicable and where theare not iconflict with the rules of this organization, in which case, the rules of this organization shall apply.