The following committees were formed during the reorganization meeting on January 27, 2019. Each committee is chaired by an at-large member of the Executive Board.

Membership & Outreach Committee
Chair: Tiffany Kelly
Committee Members: Justin Baird

IT & Tech Committee
Chair: Jessica Soderman
Committee Members: Matt Woodward, Adrian Hayes, Justin Baird

PR & Social Media Committe
Chair: Vacant
Committee: Cedar Kennedy, Judith Shattuck, Justin Baird, Erik Holt

Fundraising & Events Committee
Chair: Diana McGuinness

Advocacy Committee
Chair: Maralyn Chase
Members: Maralyn Chase, Robin Leigh, Ivan Lewis, Donald Smith, Tim Noonan, Gary Barton, Julie Conklin, Whit Worcester, Andrea Hendricks, Sylvia Haven, Ryan Peterson, Kathryn Keller, Justin Baird

Endorsements Committee
Chair: To Be Elected
Members: Nicolette Oliver, Maralyn Chase, Franklin Wallbrown, Amber King, Justin Baird, Riall Johnson

Chair Keoki Kauanoe is an ex-officio member of all committees.