Candidates Endorsed at 6/18/2017 Endorsement Meeting

At its endorsement meeting on the 18th of June, the Washington State Progressive Caucus the following candidates who sought our endorsement received approval.

  • Senator Patty Kuderer, of the 48th Legislative District running to retain her seat in the state senate.
  • Jonathan Peebles, Everett City Council Position 3.
  • Pete Holmes, City of Seattle Attorney.
  • Deborah Lee, Olympia City Council position #5.
  • Lisa Parshley, Olympia City Council position #5.
  • Senator Bob Hasegawa, City of Seattle Mayor.
  • Bill Fishburn, Commissioner, Port of Olympia, District 2.
  • P. Bret Chiaflo, Snohomish County Fire District 1 Fire Commissioner, Position 1.
  • Carolyn Ahlgreen, Shoreline City Council Position #5.
  • Chris Roberts, Shoreline City Council position #7.
  • Karen Guzak, City of Snohomish Mayor.
  • Matthew Sutherland, Congress, House of Representatives, WA-05.
  • Dorothy Gasque, Congress, House of Representatives, WA-03.

You may learn more about these candidates on our Candidate Questionnaire page, or from the candidate’s website.

Please support these candidates with your time and treasure. Phone calls, door belling, and help as requested on the candidate’s website are requested from our membership and friends.

Agenda for 6/18/2017 Endorsements Meeting

Endorsement Policy

The Washington State Progressive Caucus is proud to endorse candidates for public office and may pass resolutions on ballot issues and issues for our State Legislature or national Congress. Progressive candidates and campaigns are encouraged to request our endorsement. With the exception of U.S. Presidential races, the Washington State Progressive Caucus only endorses those campaigns that have requested endorsement and completed our questionnaire (attached below). All requests for endorsement will be carefully considered. It is important to bring requests and supporting documents to our attention well before the anticipated election date. Requests for endorsement should be sent to our secretary.

To be considered for an endorsement, a candidate (with the exception of U.S. Presidential races) must complete the WSPC Questionnaire (scroll page to download) and submit it to our secretary at least 10 days prior to the meeting at which the endorsement will be voted on by the membership. In addition, the candidate (or a designated representative) must speak to the WSPC membership in person at least once after declaring their candidacy. If the candidate or representative cannot arrange to speak to the Caucus for any reason, this requirement may be waived if at least two members present and voting have interviewed the candidate in person or by phone or attended a public forum where the candidate has spoken since the candidate declared their intention to run for the office for which they are seeking the endorsement of the Caucus.

Only voting members of WSPC (dues paid for the current year) may vote on an endorsement.

* To receive endorsement a candidate must receive 60% of the votes of credentialed members of the WSPC present and voting.

Endorsements may only be rescinded by a 2/3 vote.

[The above rules were adopted by the members of WSPC at a duly called meeting on July 11, 2015 in Mercer Island. * Amended June 13, 2016 in Sammamish.]