On July 11, 2015, the Washington State Progressive Caucus (WSPC) held a meeting on Mercer Island. The meeting was attended by WSPC members from legislative districts and congressional districts all over Washington state.

The following candidates won endorsement of the WSPC (Click the names to visit their campaign websites; doing so will redirect you away from the WSPC website. If you want to read the questionnaires or statements the candidates submitted when they requested endorsement from the WSPC, click here.):

        Bernie Sanders, President of the United States
        Fred Felleman, Port of Seattle Commissioner, Pos. #5
        Eric LaBrant, Port of Vancouver Commissioner, Pos #2
        Jill Geary, Seattle School Board Director, Dist. #3
        Carin Chase, Edmonds School Board Director, Dist. #1
        Vandana Slatter, Bellevue City Council, Pos. #5 (endorsed Sept. 19, 2015 in Wenatchee)

You can click here to read our endorsement rules

Please note: These endorsements by the WSPC should NOT be construed to represent the official position of the Washington State Democratic Party.

We urge progressives to support our endorsed candidates. Progressives should plan to attend the March 26, 2016 Democratic precinct caucuses in support of Bernie Sanders.

elegates of the Washington State Democratic Party to the Democratic Party National Convention will be selected at the precinct caucuses. For more information on how you can become a delegate for Bernie and/or help others become delegates for Bernie, visit the following web page:

Bernie Sanders is our best hope to restore our democracy and rebuild our economy. Join our campaign and help us help Bernie win here in Washington state.  

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