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[Yes on 735 sent the following message on Nov. 15, 2016]

While many of us are still taking in the election results, one thing is clear – when we make it harder to vote, fewer citizens participate. And that’s bad for Democracy. 

The vote in Wisconsin was decided by 28,000 votes. But 300,000 legal citizens in Wisconsin couldn’t vote because of new & restrictive voter I.D. laws. With more restrictions in place to make voting harder, it’s no surprise that fewer Americans ended up voting in 2016. 

Our partners at Friends of the Earth are working to change that—but they need your help here in Washington! 

Let’s make voting easy by default. Tell Washington’s Secretary of State: it’s time for Automatic Voting Registration. 

Now is the time for MORE Americans to get involved in the political process, not less. With all our technology, it should be EASIER to register to vote, not harder. Americans shouldn’t have to jump through bureaucratic hoops to realize their core right to vote

An easy solution we can enact TODAY is passing Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) at the State level. Right now, 5 states have such systems in place. Not surprisingly, those states also enjoyed higher voter turn out this election. 

Tell your Secretary of State: Voting should be default YES, enact Automatic Voter Registration! 

Statewide AVR has the power to make two transformative changes - Eligible voters will be automatically registered to vote when they interact with government agencies, and voter-registration information will be electronically updated across agencies automatically. Seamless and easy. 

These changes save money, take out the hassle for voters,  and are less error-prone than our current paper based systems. AVR can boost registration rates – adding up to 50 million eligible voters to the rolls, while cleaning up outdated voter rolls, saving money, and even reducing the potential for voter fraud.

Tell your Secretary of State: We want Automatic Voter Registration 

For years, climate deniers in Congress have been working to discourage the vote so that every-day Americans like you and me have less of a say in our political system. We are now dealing with the consequences of the first presidential election in over 50 years that did not have strong protections for voting rights.  

When the concerns of entire groups– including young voters, people of color, and older Americans - are actively blocked from the ballot, its no surprise that the environment isn’t at the top of our elected officials’ priority lists. 

Rebuilding our democracy is our priority. Let’s do the simple thing and register all eligible voters automatically today.