[Yes on 735 sent the following message on November 9, 2016]

We did it! According to current vote tabulations, 735 passed with 64% percent of the vote! (Although that may change slightly, as officials are still counting ballots. Election results are certified by each county on November 29.)

After a two-year campaign for 735, that means Washington joins Oregon, Montana, and 15 other states calling on Congress to pass a 28th constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United and solidify that spending money is not a form of protected speech. But we also went a bit further than other states. Washington voters said they also want the amendment to say that constitutional rights are meant for people, not corporations!

"I am beyond proud to be a part of this citizens’ initiative," says Campaign Chair Linda Brewster. "I'm proud to be a part of the faithful supporters who contributed mostly small contributions to keep our campaign afloat this year. Our truly 'small potatoes' grassroots effort often ran on fumes mixed with determination. And so I am humbled too, with great admiration for all those who stepped up to move this democracy movement forward."

Here's some fun campaign statistics:

There is still work to be done. Other states are starting their own push to become the 19th state to call for overturning Citizens United. And in Washington, WAmend and Fix Democracy First will be working on and planning more ballot initiatives and actions to further democracy.

We also want to give a BIG shout out to our sister initiative in California, Prop 59, which also calls for a 28th constitutional amendment, passed with 52% approval!

There is lots of work ahead, but for now, let's take a big deep breath and pat ourselves on the back, Initiative 735 passed!

YES I-735