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Thank you for joining the Washington State Progressive Caucus!
Washington State Progressive Caucus Membership Form
To volunteer or sign up for our progressive caucus newsletter is free. Simply click on and fill out the Contact Us or Volunteer form in the main menu. To become a member of the Washington State Progressive Caucus and have both voice and vote at our quarterly caucus meetings, dues are $20 per year. We highly encourage full members to also be a Precinct Committee Officer in your Legislative District, County, or Precinct. Contact your local Democratic organization for more information.

Instructions for making your dues payment (either online via ActBlue or by mailing in a check) will be provided after you have successfully completed the form on this page.

Please note that donations to our caucus are not tax deductible and are reported to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. If you would like to make a donation of $100 or more, then please also fill out your Occupation, Employer and Employer City and State. This information is only required by the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission for those donating $100 or more.

Here is the information about Membership and Dues from our Bylaws:

Article III Membership and Dues

Section 1: General Membership
Any individual who is a Washington State registered voter and is committed to promoting progressive ideals within the Democratic Party is eligible for membership.

Section 2: Membership Term
The term of membership shall be twelve (12) months extending from the quarterly meeting each January through the next January quarterly meeting, regardless of which month during that calendar year the individual paid his/her membership dues.

Section 3: Membership Dues
Membership dues may be set by the membership at the reorganization meeting. Individuals that become members during the year shall pay annual prorated dues beginning with the quarter in which they become members through the end of the membership year. Individuals experiencing economic hardship shall pay dues in an amount they are able to afford. Further information on membership is located in the WSPC Bylaws.

Thank you for joining and welcome to the Washington State Progressive Caucus!

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