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Dear Washington State Progressive Caucus Members and Friends,

Your executive board, working within the framework of our bylaws, has elected me to the position of Temporary Chair, due to the unexpected resignation of our former Chair yesterday. I am honored and humbled by the respect and confidence given me to lead us through the next several months until a permanent chair can be elected by the membership.

I want to assure you that our mission and direction has not and will not change. We will move forward together and continue the work we have started:

  • building a strong progressive voice,
  • standing together across the state,
  • electing progressive candidates,
  • taking progressive action on local, statewide issues.

To those ends we will go forward with our intended endorsement meeting, details to follow. We will continue to organize teams of progressive partners across the state. We will continue to work to put progressive candidates into office in the special and regular upcoming elections. We will continue to look for and organize progressive events aimed at fund raising.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas, your willingness to lend a hand and any questions you may have. Together we can and will be successful.

Yours Truly,
Judith Shattuck,
Temporary Chair
Washington State Progressive Caucus