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The Nguni people have a word “Ubuntu” which speaks of humanity in terms of “I am because we are.” As the wisdom of the Nguni shows, I am me because you are you, and together we are US. It is within the spirit of Ubuntu that I ask you to join, rejoin or renew your membership in the WSPC!

Our members’ dues and additional donations help support progressive candidates and issues. You can become a member of the Washington State Progressive Caucus by making a $20.00 donation here, or you can mail your check or money order (payable to Washington State Progressive Caucus) to:

c/o Treasurer Justin Baird
409 Maynard Ave S #14528
Seattle, WA 98104-2959

Our standard annual dues are $20.00 – they are pro-rated quarterly – $15 after April 1, $10 after July 1, or $25 after October 1st will pay for the remainder of the current year, as well as the following year.

Acknowledging that many of us are experiencing financial difficulty, you may request a waiver of part or all of this amount. Please email us at to request a dues waiver. If you are sending your membership waiver request via snail mail, please include the amount you are able to donate.

Thank you for helping us elect progressives and support progressive causes here in Washington state!

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