Upcoming Chair Election

The Washington State Progressive Caucus, the largest of the Washington State Democrat’s constituency caucuses, will be electing a new Chair in September at the State Central Committee meeting in Seattle. We invite your participation in this important election.

Though not required, we strongly encourage all interested candidates for this position to fill out the questionnaire the Caucus uses to endorse local candidates. Completed questionnaires will be posted on our website for members to review.

The Progressive Caucus is at a turning point. It is imperative that we have staunch progressive leadership to help guide the Caucus, constituents and, indeed, the Democratic Party, toward a more equitable nation for all. Single payer health care, fair school funding, living wage jobs, racial justice, the environment and green energy are just some of the things our Caucus actively supports. Our next Chair must have the knowledge, skills, and passion required to move the progressive agenda.

Step up. The time is now.

In order to vote for our next Caucus Chair, members must be in good standing 30 days prior to the vote. The deadline is August 9. New and renewing members can go to the Join Us page for options to forward their $15.00 (prorated) dues payment.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

In Solidarity,
Judith Shattuck, Temporary Chair
Washington State Progressive Caucus

Chair Candidate Questionnaires

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